Corporate Reflexology

Sickness leave is costing British Industry around 13 billion pounds a year - Institute of Personnel & Development.

A report produced by the Institute of Management confirms that no less than 270,000 people take time off work everyday due to stress related illness.

It is estimated that 75% of all illness is stress related

What is Corporate Reflexology

Corporate Reflexology is a treatment given in the workplace for the benefit of the employer and the employee.

Reflexology could have a direct positive impact on a company's employees.

Corporate Reflexology is specifically designed to improve and maintain health, fitness and wellbeing of a company's workforce. By doing so this will have a direct impact on important key performance indicators such as absence levels, employee turnover and employee performance.

How Reflexology can benefit your company

* Odense Post Office in Denmark have employed full time Reflexologists since 1990 and report saving around 100,000 a year due to a 13.3% reduction in sickness and absenteeism.

* SAS Cargo estimate a financial saving of 2000 per month when employees receive reflexology

The role of reflexology in preventative healthcare is becoming more widely acknowledged. An increasing number of companies are now working in partnership with Reflexologists to actively improve and maintain the health of the workforce.
Marks & Spencer
John Lewis

Benefits for the Company

Decrease in absence levels and employee turnover.
Increase in productivity.
Improves concentration, efficiency and accuracy.
Enhances company reputation within the workforce.
Saves money so improving profitability.

Benefits for the Employees

Improves and maintains health.
Gives greater resistance to illness.
Decreases stress levels.
Speedier recovery from illness.
Greater ability to cope more effectively under pressure.

How it works

Treatments can be provided on a regular basis as an ongoing service, i.e weekly, monthly, or as a one-off event, such as a reward for hitting performance targets or staff motivation or team building events.

Where a company has any employees on long term sickness reflexology can be provided at their own home or if they are able to attend at the practice, this will aid the recovery and speed their return back to work.

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