Baby Reflexology #01

What is baby reflex?

Baby reflex is a gentle form of reflexology created especially for babies, infants and toddlers, from 1 month - 3 years. The techniques originally were developed to assist with bonding and over the years have helped to give relief and eliminate many baby discomforts proving to be very popular and successful with parents.

How can baby reflex help my baby?

Baby reflex can help to
  • Improve sleep patterns

  • Ease teething pain

  • Provide relief from colic, trapped wind and constipation

  • reduce ear and sinus congestion

  • Boost the immune system

  • Promote general well being

  • Support parent and baby bonding

  • relax both the parent and baby

  • History of Baby Reflex

    Baby reflex was founded by Jenny Lee MCSP MAR, who is a Chartered Physiotherapist and qualified reflexologist and teacher. She has worked with parents and young children for over 15 years during which time she has carried out a number of pilot studies, in conjunction with childrens GPs, designed to examine the effects of reflexology on childhood asthma. The results of these studies revealed benefits of reduced asthma, better sleep patterns, greater ability to relax and much improved 'quality of life' and importantly an enjoyment by those children of reflexology treatment itself.
    Click to visit the Baby Reflex website.

    How is it taught?

    Baby reflex is taught to parents by a fully qualified reflexologist and Baby reflex practitioner, over the course of 3 weekly 1 hour workshops. During the workshops parents practise on each other and by the end of each session will have the necessary skills and confidence to perform the baby reflex techniques on their own baby.

    The workshops are themed as follows
  • week 1 - feeding / digesting

  • week 2 - sleeping / comforting

  • week 3 - well being

  • Colic, teething, relief from sinus and ear congestion, immune system boosting, calming and relaxing are all covered in the above themes.

    Teaching the parents the techniques in bite sized chunks in this way allows them to absorb and remember the information more easily and there is time at the begining of the second and third workshops to practise the techniques learned during the previous sessions.

    What is the difference between baby reflex and baby massage?

    They are both lovely treatments and can both help with parent and baby bonding. However, baby reflex can easily be given anytime and anywhere, its portable whether you are at home or in the supermarket, whenever your baby needs to be calmed and comforted quickly and easily. You are not required to remove any clothes.

    Course details and prices

    Whats included in the price

  • Three weekly one hour sessions

  • All the learning tools including full course notes and charts to use at home

  • Individual attention throughout the course

  • Tailoring of the techniques for your babies particular needs

  • Ongoing support after completion of the course

  • A gift bag

  • Baby Reflex Prices

  • Small groups, maximum of 4 people plus babies, hosted at my clinic in Little Smeaton, Pontefract, 25.00 per person per workshop of 3 x 1 hour workshops - payable by cash or cheque, in full at the first session.

  • Groups, maximum of 6 people plus babies, hosted at a parents home* 20.00 per person per workshop of 3 x 1 hour workshops - payable by cash or cheque, in full at the first session.

  • * The parent hosting the workshops will receive a 10.00 gift voucher, which can be redemed against a future adult reflexology session.

  • One to one appointments - baby plus one or both parents, hosted at my clinic in Little Smeaton, Pontefract, 30.00 per workshop of 3 x 1 hour workshops - payable by cash or cheque, in full at the first session.

  • To make an appointment for Baby Reflex Courses and Workshops or for any further information please contact me
    Adele curnow MAR
    07863 768186

    or click for Body & Sole Reflexology email contact form

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